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Game Design & Music Production




Audrey White is a 26 year old game design student from Los Angeles, CA studying towards her BFA in Game Design. She focuses on Level Design, Scripting, Story Writing, and Music Engineering.

Game Designer, tech wizard, and determined to always keep moving forward and create amazing games.



Academy of Art University, 79 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Degree: BFA in Game Design

-Built numerous projects in Unreal Engine 4/5 and Unity

-Led 5 teams in game design projects

-Given the Student Success Grant after my first two years for academic excellence

-Valedictorian 2023



Lead Designer on a Collaborative project, "Plague" that went to GDC 2023

-Wrote first song on Spotify, "Exhausted" released on July 10th 2021 and "Drowning" released on December 14th 2021

-Had both game pitches chosen and lead both groups in Prototype Game Studio - AAU Spring Semester 2021

-Submitted Locked In, Locked Out - AAU Spring Show 2021

- Freelance Video Game Designer (3D Modeler/Animator,) Bentley University - 2014


Game Design & Editing Software: Unreal Engine 4/5, Unity, Construct 2, Maya, Sony Vegas Pro 12 - 15, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere

Proficient in: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Google, Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, JIRA, Slack, Confluence